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An offer in compromise is a generous government program which provides the taxpayer with the ability to pay current basic, essential living expenses and current taxes by forgiving the past taxes which are due. Not only is the offer in compromise program in the best interest of the taxpayer, it is also in the best interest of the Government. The taxpayer who is given a fresh start gets back into the tax system filing and paying taxes timely, and this is beneficial to the IRS. The Government also receives from the taxpayer as a requirement of the program what it could have reasonably collected from the taxpayer had he not entered into the offer program. The amount offered as a compromise can even be paid in installments. Importantly, if a taxpayer who owes a five figure, past due tax debt to the IRS can only offer a few thousand dollars, the IRS is not allowed to compare the total tax debt owed to the amount offered and reject the offer because it is a small percentage of the total taxes owed. The IRS has been directed by Congress to verify that the taxpayer is honestly presenting his property and income, and if that is the case to consider accepting the offer in compromise. The offer in compromise program is discretionary, and if the documentation is presented properly to the IRS they will use their discretion and accept the offer. Thomas F. DiLullo has done nearly one thousand offer in compromises and would be pleased to assist taxpayers who are interested in entering the program.






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